Would You Like To Come In For A Cookie?

The annual neighborhood cookie swap was held earlier this month, courtesy of hosts extraordinaire McCheesy and McMeaty.

The concept of the swap is that everyone brings 5 dozen cookies to share with the group. In turn, you get to bring home a stash of goodies baked by others. My favorite turned out to be the Pinot Grigio cookie, which was served chilled in a beautiful white wine glass.  

McCheesy kept things lively with great food and wonderful conversation. And her cookie contribution this year was outstanding - a delicious lemon cookie sprinkled with gold flakes. I brought enough home to make a ring.

McMeaty served up a cooking lesson for the ladies. He showed us how to make a wonderful baked brie inside a pastry crust, sweetened with brown sugar. It was sooo good. I'm not much of a cook but I did learn a few things. For example, I leaned that I am absolutely clueless around a kitchen. Oh wait, I already knew that.

Everyone had a really great time. Thank you to McMeaty and McCheesy once again for such a fun event. You truly are the best neighbors anyone could wish for!


SassyFemme said…
Sounds like a fabulous time. I'm jealous that you've got such great neighbors. Generally all you see in my neighborhood is a half-hearted wave.
McMeaty said…
Glad you had a good time. All the credit goes to McCheesy. She is the mastermind of the annual neighborhood cookie swap. I just put together a few tidbits to suck up the alcohol. 13 people, 10 bottles of wine. Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon. It wouldn't be any fun unless we had great neighbors like you and blondie.
Mon said…
I wish I could have come that Brie alone would be worth the trip. One of my favorite things to make my friends and I call "cheese crack" don't laugh, it is. You take goat cheese, slice it, put rasberry jam on it, and then a light sprinkling of curry powder. Serve with really good crakers...mmmmmm

So did you bake cookies??? What kind??

My word verification today rocks...

Anonymous said…
I've had that baked pastry brie, it's delicious. So, what kind of cookies did you bring?
Janet said…
I love shiraz cookies myself! Looks like a great time.
John Gascot said…
MMMM that brie sounds awesome!
yes, sounds like a marvelous time and i would have LOVED to come taste the cookies...nobody would really want mine tho...seriously...lol great idea!
Anonymous said…
Hey CJ,
Have you eaten all the cookies already?
Merry Christmas!
I wish you good luck in the coming New Year.
Velvet Ginger said…
WOW! What a wonderful tradition all of you had, that community sharing and spirit is what makes our nation great!
Thank you for sharing it with us CJ!
Blondie said…
I love cookies. I love the cookie swap. I love 5 dozen cookies. I can't even imagine what we would do with 10 dozen cookies! I loved the Brie roll (yum). And I love our most favorite neighbors McMeaty and McCheesy. Ahhhhhh life is good! :)
Ronia Nash said…
"My favorite turned out to be the Pinot Grigio cookie, which was served chilled in a beautiful white wine glass. " - you crack me up!!!!

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