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I heard a discussion on NPR the other day that got me thinking. When two people are engaged in conversation or communicating by email, the person with the lower social status will typically use the word "I" more frequently than the individual that has the higher status in the relationship. I didn't realize that. I would have thought it was the more confident person but apparently using the word "I" means you are more self conscious. 

This could be an interesting social experiment.Walk over to a co-worker's office tomorrow morning and start up a conversation about the upcoming weekend. Make a mental note of how many times you use the word "I".

After lunch, walk back over to that same co-worker and start a new conversation. This time however, make sure your fly is down and that you have broccoli in your teeth. If you have any of that clear plastic goo the credit card companies use to stick your new card to the piece of paper they include in the mailing, place a wad of it up your nose. Add in a fart or two for good measure. Again, count the number of times you refer to yourself. Did the count go up?

Happy almost Friday :)


Laine said…
Get some rest, Ceej.
35jupe said…
The combination of this post and Laine's comment cracks me up.

I wonder about that research. Lots of very high status people are very self-involved. Which makes me think they didn't do that research here in Hollywood.

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