Fresh As A Mint Julip

Hey! Wasn't I just blogging like 8 hours ago?

Yesterday our cleaning person came over and like always, I removed all the shampoo, soap, etc, from my shower to make it easier for her. This morning I grabbed all my supplies and put them back in the shower. All good except for the fact that what I thought was shower gel was actually thermo micro peel face cleaner. And since I wasn't going to hop out mid shower to grab the shower gel, I was left with two choices for "soap" - the aforementioned thermo exfoliater or tea tree shampoo.

Needless to say I am now fully awake and have a little spring in my step.

Have a warm, minty fresh day all!

Just thought of an idea for a revised line of product : Summers Eve - now in Thermo Nuclear Mint Bomb. For those mornings when regular soap and water just won't do.

I think I'm still over-tired.


Taradharma said…
sounds painful to put that in one's hooha. ouch.

as a young pup, I used a feminine cleansing product but put way too much vinegar in it. I was sorry for days.

Anonymous said…
Dad and I do the same thing when the cleaning lady is due for duty. Run around picking things up and putting them out of the way...well, actually, it would be embarrassing to see our little messes. "You can clean the sh*t our of our toilets, but you won't see our dirty dishes." LOL!

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