Shocking The Wet Spot

Attention! Attention! The Wet Spot is now open!

Unfortunately, The Wet Spot is currently a little green, dirty, and foamy. It smells like bleach but that odor should subside in a week or so after treatment.

I haven't submerged my hand yet, but I may stick my big toe in The Wet Spot this weekend if the weather cooperates.

Now all that is left to do is trim the surrounding bushes and wait for The Wet Spot to heat up!


Anonymous said…
Good luck with the bush trimming and wet spot maintenance. Sounds like it will be a productive weekend!
Laine said…
Comments I considered leaving:

"Can ya skate on that thing in the Winter?"

"Why does that photo cause me to think 'uterus'?"

"Trimming the bush around the wet spot? Really, Ceej?"

Nothing seemed appropriate except, enjoy the Summer!!
Taradharma said…
you, my dear, are shameless!
Laine said…
I left a comment two days ago, yet it's not showing.

Have you begun using Administrator approval?

Did the dog eat it?

Did it pass through a vortex and disappear?

Dang, and it was one of my better ones, too.
Anonymous said…
ut-oh... Don't let my comments go into the same vortex as Laine's.

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