Multiple Foodgasms

Oh it is going to be a good weekend :)

From left to right, starting in the back row:
  1. A co-worker of mine recently returned from Switzerland and brought me a box of Swiss chocolate. Eating these truffles is like getting a 3 hour back massage in your mouth.
  2. Aunt Sally's Creole Pralines elicit three words - Oh my God. Friend and fellow blogger Laine and I had a bet on the Super Bowl. I lost. But, because she is so sweet and thoughtful, she sent me a box of pralines anyway. Eating one of these makes me want to dance in my kitchen. They are my new favorite breakfast food.
  3. King's Cake (Yankee Style). Not only is it tasty, but if I find the baby that is allegedly baked into some of these cakes, I win a prize. I will find that baby. Eating a piece of this makes me want to go look for buried treasure in the back yard.
  4. Focaccia bread with veggies and cheese. This smells great, looks great, and tastes wonderful. It feels like it weighs about 4 pounds which coincidently is probably the amount of weight I will gain on my thighs and bum each day this weekend. Eating this makes me want to buy bigger sweat pants.
I'm compensating for the extra calories by working out on the treadmill and by drinking wine instead of beer (while I'm working out on the treadmill).

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


Laine said…
I hope you don't drop into a food induced coma. And I'm glad you specified "Yankee" King Cake.

No Baby in the cake....the very idea.

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