Candy Girl

Remember when you were in grammer school and you used to go around passing out Valentine's Day cards to your classmates? And those candies - the ones with the little sayings like "Be Mine", "Purr-fect", "Love You", "You're A Prick". Ahhh, the good 'ol days.

If you could only pass out a candy heart with one saying, what would that saying be?

I'm torn between "I Rarely Wear Underwear But When I Do, I Wear Granny Panties" (not sure if that would fit on one side of the candy however) and "With Enough Pinot Grigio, You're Pretty".

And you?


Laine said…
I have no words.

I'm still laughing about the Granny Panties...
Taradharma said…
and with enough tequila, you're fookin' GORGEOUS!!!

Hmmm...what would my heart say? "Lick me slowly." Can I say that? Can you publish that? It's kinda like "bite me," sorta.

Happy Valentine's Day!
mine would say, "thanks, but just give me my laptop and I'll be happy."
Anonymous said…
No words, just a spiral.
CIW said…
seriously. I am so happy to see you have an update, especially when I am crabby!!!!

That would be a big ass heart.
McMeaty said…
"I know how to cook" That one line has been working very well for me.
Dawna said…
I'd put movie quotes on my hearts:

1. Rosebud
2. Ditto
3. My Precious
4. Sssmokin!
5. We'll always have Paris
6. Resistance is futile
7. Yippee-ki-yay, mf
8. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good
9. Have fun storming the castle
10. Those who are tardy will not get fruit cup

Can you name them?
I only were those on my bloated days Laine :)

Tara - Absolutely. Not only can you say things like that, it is encouraged.

Can I borrow that line Diva?

Ahh Chewy. Yes - that would be perfect!

CIW - I hope this post helped dissipate the crabby!

You won me over a long time ago McMeaty with that line. McCheesy is a luck woman. And not just because of the cooking!

Dawna - I love it! But it's hard! I may have to repost this as a contest!

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