The Baby Isn't Edible!

I had a little surprise from Blondie this evening.

You know, if you just read the first line after the header and title, you might be a little alarmed. I thought to myself "I just got home from work and I'm starving but damn it, I can't eat this if there is a freaking baby baked inside."

Then I realized it was a fake baby and the worst thing that could happen is that I could choke. But I would still win a gourmet deli sandwich. It's well worth the risk in my opinion. I'm making my way through it now. Updates to follow. See below.......


Laine said…
Ok, Yankee, here's the official rules of the King Cake. At least, how it was in my family.

You cut the pieces so that everyone has one. Everyone eats at the same time and whomever gets the "baby" is responsible for hosting the party and purchasing the King cake next year.

Doesn't have anything to do with a deli sammich. What do ya think you get if you show your boobs??!!
aspiringkelly said…
Ohh, a king cake! my fiance spent the majority his nomad life in New Orleans and tried desperately to explain this tradition to me in such a way that wouldn't make me collapse in laughter. no such luck. i just couldnt see past the fact that they baked a baby Jesus (that's who the baby is..) in a cake! Who bakes a baby Jesus!?
Laine! The Yankee instructions say nothing about cutting the pieces and sharing. So I ate the whole thing myself. Also, it says right on the piece of paper that came with it that I would win a delicious deli sandwich. I was going to get a tuna wrap if I found the baby. Showing my boobs at the deli counter would perhaps get me a free bag of chips but I would have to test this theory out.
Hi there Kelly! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I still don't quite grab the concept of baking the baby Jesus in a cake. I'm disappointed I didn't find one however. Blondie is going to pick me up a king cake every night until I do :)

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