Whacha Eating?

Oh goody. I found a Yorkie brownie while re-arranging a blanket in one of the dog beds today. Before you all "ooooohhhhh" me, I had this in my hand before I actually knew its origin. It's not liked I picked up after I figured it out.

This morning however, I had a treat that I look forward to every year - a paczki (pronounced poonch-key).

I was so excited. These delicious stuffed donuts are only available for a few weeks each year. So when I called my niece Shannon to wish her a happy 36th birthday I had to rub it in.

Me: Guess what I ate this morning? It's really yummy and it begins with a 'P'.
Shannon: That's a bit personal, don't you think?
Me: Not that! A paczki, a lemon filled paczki!

Imagine. She thought I was eating pickles for breakfast. That's funny.


Laine said…
Oh, Honey. I just sit here and cry for you. Not sad tears. I'm laughing so hard I'm bawlin'.

I was going to make an analogy about eating "cream-filled" things for breakfast ONCE a year, but, never mind.
Taradharma said…
i am speechless on so many levels.

when i was in Hawaii on the big island, that had similar bakery treats filled with various creams. I cannot remember what they were called. But they were gooooooddddd.....

I hope you thoroughly cleaned your hands after handling doggie leavings --- ick!!!!
Laine what? I want to know more about the cream-filled things? Sure, it's always funny when the poop is on someone else's hand :)

Oh Tara they are yummy! I've only had 2 so far this season but I still have a few more flavors to plow through. I scrubbed my hands after tossing the offending doggie brownie down the toilet, Yuck!

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