Driving, Driving, Driving Revisited Again

Just doing a little math here.

If I spend an average of 3 hours a day commuting (not counting those occasional 3 hour one way hellacious trips) and I go into the office 4 days a week, that's 12 hours a week in the car. Multiplied by 4 weeks a month and that is 48 hours.

Taking into account vacation, holidays, and personal time, I'll conservatively say I work 10 months a year. So ten months at 48 hours per month is 480 hours per year commuting.

Considering I am actually awake and productive for about 15 hours a day, I waste 32 days a year sitting in the car (20 actual days if you want to count a day as a full 24 hours). That's fucking* crazy.

Is it really worth it?

*Removed gratuitous  profanity as I do not want readers to think I have a potty mouth.


Taradharma said…
only you can decide if it's worth it. For me, ugh, I'd have to be making big bucks for it to be worth, and even then.....

Is it possible to live closer to work? Or to telecommute a couple of days a week?

Lots of people have these kind of commutes...I myself never have and am forever grateful. If I had to do this, I'd find a bus or a train so I could at least read or learn a new language or something with my time.
Laine said…
Come to Cal.i.for.nia. Likely wouldn't alleviate your commuter's frustration, to the contrary, but I'd be REALLL happy about it! :)
I'm so confused Tara! I love my job but I worry the long hours in the car is taking a toll on me. I don't have the option for bus or train as there are really no "commuter" schedules from this area to Boston. The plus side is my job is 35 hours per week - so when I stick to working that schedule I do get home at a decent hour. I just feel like I am constantly pushing the limit of sleep deprivation.
If I were to move to CA Laine, how would I go about learning the tricks of my new trade, Props Master? Is there a school for that?
McMeaty said…
the increase in stress due to the act of driving with the large amount of people on the Mass Pike that must of received their drivers license out of a gumball machine, (in one of those little plastic eggs), signed it and put it in their wallet without ever taking a test is likely sucking the life out of you and causing irreparable physical and psychological damage....Get a job closer to home. It's not worth the money is you're sick..or worse. That's sugar coating it.
Laine said…
You are a sick puppy, my Friend.

Oh, I'll hook you up with the proper training.
Laine said…
If you insist on living in Maahsahchewsetts instead if SoCal, then why don't you rent/purchase a condo/flat in proximity to your j.o.b.? You only work four days a week, so in addition to being a tax write-off, it would afford you more social time...with old friends, I mean, and less time on the road.
Just a thought...prolly not a good one. Nah. Forget I said anything.

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