A Hairy Situation

I'd like to blog every day but funny doesn't happen all the time. And it rarely happens on this blog.

Question of the week - Am I the only person in America who doesn't know what a merkin is? I was listening to a radio show on the way to work where a reference was made to a "pet merkin". I thought it is was something like a ferret. Oh sure, there are similarities, but they are definitely not one in the same.

It's 9:30. I should be in bed and not sitting on the couch Googling merkin.

You know, there is actually a vineyard by that name. Can you imagine the wine tastings?
"Excuse me, but I think there is something floating in my drink."
"Oh, yes, we know. 1992 was an especially good year for merkins. Slight acidity with just a hint of apricot and melon."

See, I told you funny doesn't happen every day.

If my profile pic somehow gets associated with the search result for merkin (as it did for world's largest kielbasa) I'm deleting this post.

Addendum 2: Typos from last night have been corrected. Pay attention to dtail CJ, pay attentin.


Laine said…
There was a big "stink" the last week about a Celebrity wanting to make/market her own merkins made from Fox fur.

PETA jumped all over that one.

What prompted your wanting to know in the first place?! Are you "props" shopping again on QVC??
my kids filled me in on the details a few years ago....my kids! embarrassing.
I will be needing to know about those Laine won't I? My interested originated on the drive to work while listening to that radio program. But I now see it was a sign of things to come. Maybe I should have had the mug labeled with Merkin Manger?

Hey Diva! Kids know what this is? Oh boy am I out of the loop. I need my own copy of Urban Dictionary.
Taradharma said…
Take heart, CJ, I did not know what a merkin is. Now, sadly, I do. I don't know what the current mania to groom the kitty is all about, but it is too funny that actresses have to augment their goddess-given bush to appear 'authentic' in movies. What a world.
Tara I couldn't agree more. A wig for that? What's next?They pay big bucks for the Brazilian and then put a wig on it? How does it attach? Duct Tape?
Laine said…
Oh, geez you Guys!!! Don't you ever watch Oxygen???

First came Vajewels and Vajazzles, and now the fur Merkins, which also have a "jeweling" option.

It's all about niche marketing to the 18-34 IQ demographic.
LilliGirl said…
Wow...I had to google it too and must say the picture on wikipedia is quite um, pick

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