Questions, Questions

How many questions does one have to answer before you are actually allowed to pump the gas?

1. Rewards Card? -----> I hit Yes

2. Point Balance is 500 - Redeem? ------> I hit No

3. Debit Card? -------> I hit No

4. Car Wash Today? -----> I hit No

5. Would you like a receipt? ------> I hit No

6. Pap Smear? ------> I ran away.


Solo said…
If 500 bonus points are worth a "Pap smear", what the hell do ya get for a thousand???
Glad you asked that Solo. For one thousand you get a colonoscopy with your car wash.
Taradharma said…
excellent post -- those gas pumps have been driving me nuts for awhile now. Now the insult to injury: "we will charge .45 for the use of your debit card. Is this okay?"

Well, no, it's not okay, but I've run the gauntlet and am ready to pump my gas so...what am I going to do? Pack up and go to another station?

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