Irene Conversation Of The Day October 16, 2011

Irene can be a little feisty at times. This weekend, while I was visiting her at the nursing home, she peaked out from her room into the hallway and spied the lift scale they use to weigh the residents, whereupon she blurted out an expletive or two and took a firm stand on not getting out of bed to get into that thing.

Irene: You know, I weigh 90 pounds now.
[Last week she told my sister and me she weighed 190 pounds - actual weight is probably around 125]

Me: I thought that is what you weighed when you first came here.

Irene: No, when I first got here, I weighed 9 or 10 pounds. That doesn't sound right does it?

No Irene, that doesn't sound right at all. I know for a fact that when you were first admitted, you weighed at least 12 pounds.

Hey, you can laugh or cry. I choose to laugh.


Taradharma said…
Laughing is always preferable in the face of adversity!! I used to have the most amazing conversations with an old friend who had dementia. You just sort of follow their drift and go with the flow. It can be delightful instead of upsetting.

Good on yas.

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