Commercial Property

I'm a little upset this morning. It appears that someone has stolen my likeness and associated it to their product. I know what you are thinking - it must be for some sexy underwear ad. Shocking, but no. Even though I must say a "Make Your Double A's Take Her Breath Away" campaign, featuring yours truly, might be a really big hit.

No, apparently my look appeals more to a sporty, fun loving, young audience. Like the ones that play video games for example. Hockey video games to be exact. Lovely.

Thanks Stiffy for thinking of me and passing along this image. Oh, and just to make matters worse, it was Stiffy's 8 year old son who pointed it out. And Stiffy agreed.


Solo said…
omg, I can't stop giggling! It really IS your Saturday morning alter-ego! Waaaay cute, Ceej. :)
Hey thanks Solo! It appears that I have transitioned in cartoon land. I think I should be collecting royalties.
Taradharma said…
I think your cartoon likeness is pretty cute, CJ. Don't we just all love those sporty types?

Have you seen the video

Lesbian Cliche Song...worth taking a look.

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