Social Sinning

So last week I committed the cardinal sin of FUI - Facebooking Under The Influence. And I may have, kind of sort of, posted something about the Occupy Wall Street people that made me sound like a bit of a heartless whiney bitch. The gist of the post was that I had little sympathy for the occupiers since I commute 2+ hours one way to work every day and don't get home until 12 hours after I leave the house.

To redeem myself, here is my explanation. You see, here in Massachusetts we are subjected to the news, pictures, and videos of Occupy Boston. And unlike New York, the Massachusetts occupiers primarily seem to be spoiled recent college grads from Northeastern or Boston University who owe 100K plus in school loans and who are very pissed off for not yet being welcomed into Massachusetts upper middle class society even though they majored in something like Ancient Herbal Teas of the Old World or The Biology of Psychosis In Tree Dwelling Marsupials.

And that to me is annoying. That being said, I do believe corporate greed is out of control, that we are losing the middle class, that those who are fortunate to have great financial success should be willing to help out those who may need a helping hand, and that something has got to be done to turn this economy around or we are all going to be in deeper doo doo than we are now.

Now excuse me while I go occupy my car for my hellacious 68 mile commute to Boston.


weese said…
my son said just last night -- keeping in mind he is 1.5 years out of college and still no job -- that he heard one of the protesters was asked if he were offered a job on wallstreet would he take it. the guy said no.
my son was incredulous... he said, um..isn't that why they are out there?
Anonymous said…
We have made a society of kids/young adults who feel they are entitled to everything. My kids played sports where everything was equal and you didn't have to try out. If they don't like it they quit. We start that when they are young and it continues into adulthood. My own kids are guilty as well from time to time.

A little inebriated updating is good debate at times...

That is a looong commute...
Solo said…
Weeeellllll....I will admit that I lit a candle and said a prayer at the altar, fearing that one too many fried Snicker's had given you brain trauma. Cuz, remember, I, who is MUCH older than you, was once one of those "Hippie Protesters". I am encouraged that ANYONE nowadays has the balls to defy the economic shit being forced down our throats. I cannot say with certainty that I wholly agree with OWS as I have heard many versions of the "message". But, as an aging Hippie, I can say enthusiastically, the Establishment needs to be cut down a few notches! When only money enables one to run for public office, something stinks.
With that said, please know that our friendship is not contingent on our agreeing on every issue, as long as you continue to love motorcycles, drink beer in sufficient quantity, and promise to come visit at least once a year. I LOVE YA CEEJ!!
Taradharma said…
oh, under the influence fb-ing or blogging has always backfired on me.

Having experienced 23 years of silly protests at the university, I must admit I have a knee-jerk negative reaction to protesters. But I must say that I feel differently about the Occupy movement. Yes, they are causing inconvenience, and some of the messaging is stupid and heavily flawed. But I am also grateful that they are doing it -- they are making a space for conversations that have to happen in this country. Boston's protest may be primarily college students, but I am impressed, nationwide, at the diversity of the individuals taking part.

Living with my parents now, who are staunch Republicans and NOT pleased with the protests, I am given the opportunity to have my own views while they have theirs. We do not agree. That's life. And, happily, that is the United State of America. Bless us all!
Thank you Weese, Pawsing, Solo, and Tara for sharing your thoughts on this.

I was a bit nervous about the post- I almost deleted it a couple of times. I had a feeling it would elicit some very interesting comments.

Weese - Keeping my fingers crossed that your son finds a job soon!
Pawsing - On the one hand, it's good no one gets picked last in gym class anymore. But on the other hand, I always thought a little competition was fun!
Solo - I love you too and I'll do my best to try and keep those promises! And yes, I may have had one too many fried Snickers. Or five too many. Yikes!
Tara - I imagine there must be some very interesting dinner conversations at your house :)
LilliGirl said…
Drunk facebooking shall not be held against you ;)

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