Women's Tops Half Off

Yes, I say that outfit was 50% off.

Leave it to Blondie to notice this window display as we were walking through the mall this afternoon.

I'm not quite sure what the buy one get one refers to. I thought these things were usually sold in pairs.


Anonymous said…
LOL! Nope, no thank you, I have a pair of those already. - Okay... this was a welcomed trick to get me to come from FB over to your blog.
Shrinky said…
School uniforms sure are wee bit more racey over at your side of the pond..

(Ha, so THAT'S where Chewy's been hiding out at, theseday's? I'm off to hunt her down..!)
Hi Chewy! Interesting sale at the Eastfield Mall. They'll do anything to get people in the doors! Are you getting ready for the Big E?

We are a bit naughty aren't we Shrinky? In my day it was Levis, oxford shirts, and topsiders. My how things have changed!
Anonymous said…
I hope my daughters find the shirts with the other sleeve attached to it...

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