Coffee Talk

September is one of the worst driving months of the year. Back to school, back to work - where were all these maniacs all summer?

I've had a few 2.5 hour morning commutes and even some 3 hour ones. I pass the time by listening to talk radio, talking on the phone, pulling into the rest area for coffee, and flipping off the other drivers. Hey - it ain't easy commuting with all those Massholes.

I stopped for coffee on the way home the other day, something I usually don't do. I pulled up to the drive-thru, placed my order, and answered politely with a "Yes, Sir" when asked if the order was complete. Unfortunately when she handed me my coffee and repeated what I owed, the voice coming out of this body matched the voice that came out of the speaker when I ordered my beverage. Whoops. That'll teach me to be so freaking polite.


dykewife said…
at our local tim horton's (where i frequently get my coffee) they have muultiple people taking orders in the drive through so if i say "thank you, sir" i am probably speaking to a man despite having my coffee handed to me by a woman. :) though i just say "yes, thank you." and drive up to the window when all the other coffee addicts have gotten their fixes.

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