Irene Question Of The Day September 10, 2011

Had a nice visit today with Irene. Above is a picture of a bracelet she made. She was wearing it but told me she didn't really like it. I said I would take it. It reminds me of her when I wear it.

Irene: Have you seen Sonny Bono lately on the TV?
Me: No. Sonny Bono?
[Irene with puzzled look]
Me: You mean Chaz Bono?
Irene: Oh yes, Chaz. Who was Sonny? His father?
Me: Yes.
Irene: Imagine all he has been through to change his body.
Me: Yeah, quite a bit.
Irene: How do you make a penis?

I didn't answer. I mean, if I told her (2 cups flour, pinch of salt, 1/2 cup of beer, and 2 eggs) she wouldn't remember anyway.

**For those of you new to my Irene posts, Irene is my 86 year old Mother. She is currently residing in a nursing home, much to her to chagrin.


Anonymous said…
God bless Irene! At least she knew who Chaz was! I have always wanted to know the answer to that question myself...

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