Miss Gulch Rides Again

Please tell me why riding a bicycle was easier on my one speed banana seat bike then it is on my 21 speed. Blondie and I had purchased bikes many years ago and never really used them much. Well, we decided to get back on them this weekend. And apparently we now live in the hilliest section of the world. Up and down, up and down (my head bobbing for oxygen, not the terrain.)

Bike shorts? I never had bike short as a kid. So why does my ass hurt despite all the padding on my behind? (No comments on the padding please - it is implied that some of the padding is built into the shorts and some is natural.)

Blondie is a good riding partner. She is constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure I haven't collapsed during the climb. Of course, in my bright orange biking shirt she may just mistake me for a traffic cone one day and keep right on going.

Happy Labor Day! Keep on pedaling.


Rachelle said…
ha ha ha! Your picture should be on my current post :))

I followed you here through Shrinky, I had to laugh, because the last time I dared get on a bike to 'mountain bike' with my daughter, I did a faceplant in the middle of our stream!!

Oh the foibles of the feeble... :))
Taradharma said…
well, you for you! I am no longer allowed on two-wheeled vehicles...bad history there. I maybe could ride a tri-cycle....

Funny, just this week I had a friend complain about a sore butt from her stationery bike -- why's everyone getting in shape at the END of summer? WHy? Why?
Taradharma said…
I meant, "Good for you!"
Nulaanne said…
What does the saddle on your bike look like? If it is wide it will cause your hips to spread out and the longer your ride it the more pain your are going to get. A skinny seat like the old bannana seats are better for your hips, knees and other joints.
KMae said…
Very Good, at least you're trying!
Anonymous said…
That lady always scared me, along with those monkeys...

I bought a bike earlier this summer, and the seat isn't that bad - but I can't do spandex or lycra - who has the time to squeeze in - that alone would be my workout.

Just bought a helmet - again something we never wore in the old days...
Hi Rachelle! Oh that face plant sounds a bit painful! I hope you did't get hurt. And I hope I don't end up doing something similar.

Hey Tara! Too many chips this summer. That, plus the fact I've had the bike for 9 years and only rode it about 3 times. I think I'm feeling guilty :)

Hi Nulaane! I have a Terry saddle - it's narrow and kind of hard. Boy, that could be mis-interpreted.

I have to peddle off the beer and junk food K! Those fall fairs are right around the corner and mama needs her kettle corn!

I was so afraid of Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch! That green face was enough to scare the heck out of me. I wear padded shorts - but not tight ones. Don't want to scare anyone.
Josh O. said…
Hey CJ - I came across a link to your blog that Blondie sent me ages ago....very funny.

Tell Blondie I said hi!
Hi Josh! Thanks for popping by! I gave Blondie the message and she says hello back and that she misses you!

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