My Drawers Are Buzzing

Why is my cell phone in the toothpaste drawer? And why is the toothpaste on the counter?

Must have been a fun night. Somebody please tell me I didn't do karaoke.

A cheeseburger, chocolate shake, and fries at 11:00pm? That PuPu Platter for 3 must not have filled me up.

The diet starts today. Right after I finish up those leftover crab rangoons.


Taradharma said…
oh, see, NOW we're just going to clamor for the back story, here, sistah!! Was there tequila involved?
LilliGirl said…
There must have been tequila...and I'm sure someone must have photos around here somewhere.
small town dyke said…
I wanna seethe pictures!!!
Solo said…
Ooooweee, I wish we lived closer together!!!!
Not this time Tara. But good guess. Cosmos. And beer. I should have remembered "Beer before liquor, never sicker."

Ha! Not that I know of Lilli. But then again, I'm didn't know why my phone was hanging out in the toothpaste drawer either.

Unfortunately (really fortunately) none of us brought a camera Small Town :)

Hey Solo - we definitely need to go out to play again! Time for a road trip.

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