Say What?

How do you handle speaking in front of a group of people? I don't have to do it that often, only twice since I've been at my recent job, but it is not something I feel very comfortable doing.

Inevitably, I found myself in that place where my mouth is moving and words are coming out but my brain is three steps ahead trying to think of the next thing to say. And then at some point the brain stops thinking, the mouth catches up, and I wind up saying something that just doesn't flow quite right.

Also, I never know quite how to finish the talk. I call it my Porky Pig moment. "And that's what we hope to accomplish with this upgrade. Tha tha tha that's all folks."

The other things I worry about are probably pretty common. Is my fly up? Will I have a choking fit? What if there are technical difficulties? How the hell do I pronounce this person's last name? Will anyone notice I peed in my pants? Will that shot of vodka alter my speech?

If anyone of you have any tips, I would love to hear them. Until then - tha tha tha that's all folks.


KMae said…
Note cards.

And end it with are there any questions?
Okay thank you for your attention, have a good rest of the day!
Solo said…
I intentionally scheduled Public Speaking during a summer semester in college, because (1) it was a shorter term and (B) lighter class schedule.

This allowed me to arise every morning at 8:00, prepare and consume a tall Screwdriver (vodka + OJ) and thus be able to attend my 8:30 class without fear.

After class, I returned to my bed and sleep well until time to watch TYATR.

It must've worked. I got an "A".
Note cards - yes, would be better than a piece of paper. And easier to read. Next time it will be notecards! Thank you KMae. And I like your ending line there too.

Nice Solo. Good plan. But what is TYATR?
Solo said…
Susan C said…
Hey CJ,
My rule of thumb for presentations is this:
1. Tell them what you're going to say.
2. Say it.
3. Tell them what you said.

It sounds really simplistic but I find it helps. I'm no orator, and I mostly want to get my presentation over with. This helps me stay on topic and it allows people to follow along with you.

Hope that helps.

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