Name That Leftover

Age: 5 Days
Source: Family Style Restaurant
Place of Origin: Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Price: $8.00 for a pair
Would I get this again: Probably
Did this give me a stomach ache: No
Did this give me gas: No
Goes well with: Beer, White Wine (what doesn't?)
Miscellaneous Note: Lactaid may be necessary prior to eating this, a defibrillator may necessary be post consumption.

I am a ?


Solo said…
Whatever the hell it is, just promise you'll never take me to that restaurant nor make me eat it.
Actually, it looks as though it's already been eaten once....stuffed pork chop???
Lol, Solo. I promise my friend. Good guess but no. This is a vegetarian dish. That is, if you can count cheese as vegetarian. On second thought, maybe I wouldn't get it again.
McMeaty said…
it looks like a stuffed portabello mushroom with lots of melted provolone. Since you were drinking white wine instead of beer, I would guess it was something more upscale like that.
Taradharma said…
deep friend cheese of some sort, with perhaps a brioche underneath?
Rita said…
Eggplant Parmesan?
Ronia Nash said…
cheese outlet? yea I love cheese!
And McMeaty wins! Yes - that is (was) it!!

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