That Voodoo That You Do

My niece recently took a business trip to New Orleans and brought me back a Voodoo Doll. It came complete with pins and instructions. I'm thinking of bringing it to work and keeping it on my desk. Will that look bad?

It's been said that those currently under the influence of a Voodoo spell will not be able to read the words printed on the inside of the doll case (shown above). I have no problem so I'm thinking I am ok.

I won't actually use it of course, as I am pretty superstitious and I wouldn't want to put the whammy on anyone, even someone who is a total pain in the ass. Plus, I would first have to get a piece of their hair and it would look odd to walk up to someone pull out a lock from their head. They might get mad and kick me in the shins.

The doll can be used for good. There are pins for success, power, spirituality, money, and love, each one represented by a different color. I am going to add an amber colored pin for Sam Adams lager, as you never know when you may be in an establishment that only serves PBR in cans.

I've never seen or owned one of these. I don't think they are that easy to find. It's not like they make an American Girl Voodoo Doll.

Thanks to my niece for thinking of me. And thanks for bringing me home the doll instead of the shrunken head.


Taradharma said…
Omg omg I cannot read what the words say!!!!
Oh no Tara! Ok, only one way to fix that. You must go outside and wink at the first cute girl that walks by. I'll do it too just to be safe.
Solo said…
The dolls are fairly benign, but be careful when using the MoJo.

I jokingly once made the "sign" at a friend of mine from Barbados and nearly gave the man a heart attack!

What you NEED from NooWahlins is Aunt Sally's Pralines, GirlFriend!! They ship, even to the tundra where you live!
Solo I'm not sure I've ever had a praline. But I think I want one. Are they made with pecans (peee-kans)?
Ok - just went to the web site for Aunt Sally's Pralines. Now I REALLY want one.

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