New Edition

Here's the latest edition to the household, Boo Boo. She is pictured below (the little blondie in the top half of the photo) hanging out with Cierra Belle.

Boo Boo is a rescue from Yorkies Inc. She was living in a shed in Maine with several other dogs. Her previous owner was instructed by authorities to reduce the number of dogs he owned. He thought by keeping several of them in a rented utility shed he could continue to breed these dogs and no one would be the wiser. Fortunately, he was wrong.

We are thrilled to have her be a part of our family. She is sweet, funny, loving, and just such a joy to be around. Welcome home Boo Boo!


Anonymous said…
She's a happy dog now.

LMAO on the previous comment. Doesn't he know we've already boycotted men period! Wow...he must have some anger issues.

Anyway, have fun with your new edition.
LilliGirl said…
obviously I missed a comment but nevertheless CONGRATS! What a V-Day present!
Anonymous said…
Very cute
KMae said…
Oooooh! She's SO Precious!!!
Taradharma said…
a most adorable sight!! I want to snuggle both of 'em big time. I think a yorkie is in my future. Lucky dog to be rescued, and now you have a companion for your other baby. Perfect.
Anonymous said…
Boo Boo is adorable... they both are adorable! Puppy kisses to them.

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