Running Naked In The Snow

One of the things which concerns me about all this now is the integrity of the roof. From what I've read, houses with pitched roofs, especially those built after 1978, are made to withstand great amounts of snow. Which is why I am concerned - because that is just what we have - a great amount of snow.

Of course my biggest fear is the roof collapsing while anyone is home. My second greatest fear is that we will get some warning, a creaking or moaning sound, and I will be home alone and in the shower, whereupon I will panic and run outside completely naked.

I can hear the comments from the neighbors now. "There's that CJ naked again in her yard. I thought she only did that during the summer when the pool was open."

The forecast for tomorrow is more snow. I'm thinking I need to keep my robe a little bit closer to the shower.


Jules said…
Actually you may not hear anything, so maybe you ought to wear the robe in the shower :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Taradharma said…
after the big Loma Prieta earthquake 21 years ago, we kept a backpack next to the front door with supplies (including clothes and shoes) in it. Whenever the aftershocks hit, we were grabbing that pack. It's also what converted me into sleeping with pjs on.

Hope your roof in FINE and sorry to hear that you are going to get yet MORE snow. Ugh.
Solo said…
Two words for you: "los" "angeles". (FYI: it's 26 this morning with an inch of ice on everything. Needless to say, life has come to a standstill.)
LilliGirl said…
yOu could shovel the roof instead of the driveway though that may lead to comments like, "There's CJ...all passed out in the front yard agin." ;)
Susan C said…
We don't get a lot of harsh winters here, in spite of it being Canada, but we did have a monumental amount of snow from 2008-2009. I definitely sympathize. You need to get the avalanche team up there bombing the snow off your roof. Come on spring!
Anonymous said…
LOL! Running outside all wet... you'd end up frozen stiff.

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