Power of Positive Thoughts

Ok, my blog friends. Most of you know we lost our beloved Yorkie Coco the day after Thanksgiving. Now our nine year old Yorkie Cierra is in the ICU. An ultrasound has revealed enlarged lymph nodes and thickened intestinal wall - which can either be a caused by her inflammatory bowel disease or by lymphoma.

Blondie and are are devastated. Right on the fucking precipice of losing all our faith in what is good.

Please surround us in your thoughts and positive energy. Because seriously, if we lose another one of our precious dogs this soon after losing sweet Coco, it is going to take us a long fucking time to recover.

The picture above is the drugs/fluid therapy the ER sent us home with yesterday. I am somewhat relieved she has been admitted to the hospital because sticking a needle in her to hydrate her was not really rocking my world.

I know - it's a dog. But our dogs are family. They travel with us, they sleep in our beds, they are our world. And we are not ready to lose another one.


LilliGirl said…
I am so sorry. I hope your little baby come through unscathed. (((HUGS)))
C.I.W. said…
My thoughts and prayers to your family....poor little pupper....:(
SquirtyB said…
Sending positive healing vibes your way. They ARE family!
Anonymous said…
We love Cierra! And we love you guys. All our best...our thoughts and hugs are with you all. H&B
Anonymous said…
Sending positive thoughts your way!
Susan C said…
CJ, sorry to hear your pooch is sick. Sending hugs, ear scratches, and belly rubs your way.
Anonymous said…
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Thanks for your support all. I wish I had better news, but things are not great right now. Cierra had major surgery yesterday to remove a large mass in her intestine. I'm really feeling at a loss here.

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