Climb Every Mountain

Eight inches of new snow today. But wait - just when you thought you might lose your freaking mind from all the white stuff, you hear that it is going to get worse! Twelve to sixteen inches expected tomorrow.

Snow on the deck - almost up to the top of the chiminea.

Has anyone seen the mailbox?

Mt. Martini Cartwheels

When life hands you snow, make snow lemonade? Hmmm...maybe not.

I'm thinking of building snow bar for myself and Blondie and a Poo Poo Igloo for Cierra, our Yorkie.

By tomorrow, Mt. Martini Cartwheels should be up around 7 or 8 feet, just the right height for the aforementioned snow structures.

Happy Winter.


Nulaanne said…
All I have to say is that I am glad I don't live there anymore.
Taradharma said…
How in the heck can that poor deck take anymore snow?!?!

I guess you're not going out tomorrow, eh?
LilliGirl said…
Um, yeah...glad to be in the south. Now just to make it farther down to Florida. Personally, I'm just sick to death of freakin' mud!
small town dyke said…
At least the groundhog didn't see his shadow.

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