Where's My Checkbook?

When I told the telemarketer that I had just walked in the door and requested he call at a later time, he apologized sincerely and then said "God bless you and have a peaceful and restful sleep."

So a) he is just a thoughtful person or b) he is planning on coming to my house tonight, breaking in, and stealing a donation from me while I am sleeping.

I'm thinking it's the former but I'm double checking the door just in case it's the latter. And when he calls back, as I know he will, I'm pretty sure he's going to get a few bucks out of me. I'm sucker for polite people.


Taradharma said…
sounds like the opening scene in a horror movie.....did you check the basement to see if the telemarketer is hiding in there?
KMae said…
Yeah, that's a tough one.
So much better to check caller ID.
Anonymous said…
"God bless you and have a peaceful and restful sleep."
um... wtf? Sounds like a funeral service line.

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