Irene Quotes Of The Day December 12, 2010

Irene (my mother for those of you who have not seen previous related posts) is still in the nursing home and still saying wildly inappropriate things. I sat with her and two lovely ladies at their table during dinner tonight. No one seemed to like the entrée. When I inquired, Irene mentioned something about how she didn't like "the Jewish" food they serve. So first of all, Irene is in a beautiful nursing home run by the Jewish Geriatric Senior Center; second I didn't know tuna tetrazzini casserole with peas was Jewish delicacy; and third I'm pretty sure one of the woman that sits at the table is Jewish.

At least she has stopped calling the nurses nicknames such as "Dumb Dora".

Now if I could just get her to refrain from telling me who "doesn't have much longer and will be gone within in a year" as the person about whom she is speaking rolls by in their wheelchair.


Taradharma said…
ouch. Is this a natural extension of her earlier life, or is this a dementia related issue?

I must say I have heard the darndest things in nursing homes....from the lady who asks every visitor to please drive her home because she's not really supposed to be here -- to one resident who yells all the time and results in other residents yelling at her to, "oh shut UP! You got nothing we want to hear." It's like high school all over again.
Silver Tomboy said…
OMG, what a nightmare. My partner's father has Alzheimer's, but at least his inappropriate comments have subsided. Now he kind of babbles and none of us know what he's saying.
Anonymous said…
I have fears that I will be like that. (giggle) "Bite Me!" LOL!

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