Friday, December 3, 2010

The Loonies From Topeka

I don't even want to mention their [Westboro] names. I'm afraid they Google themselves on a regular basis and the last thing I want is them coming over here for a visit.

The loonies arrived [Baptist] at my place of employment this morning. It was a small group. I didn't see Fred or Shirley so I'm guessing this is the Massachusetts regiment of these lunatics.

This woman appeared to be the leader of the pack. It wasn't sunny [Church] out so I assume the glasses are to hide her hateful red eyes. C'mon - put down your pitchfork and entertain me. Make your head spin!

This poor dumb little bastard, hasn't got a chance. They did a good job of hiding his face and horns. All this kid is getting for Christmas is a tail.

This endearing little monster wore a jacket with anti-Semitic wording.

After about forty-five minutes, these numb nuts packed up their signs and headed off in a mini van to their cave. Good riddance.


Anonymous said...

Look they got some police protection so their van would be safe....this time.


LilliGirl said...

I can't even begin to understand

Taradharma said...

world is full of crazies. and they give birth and spawn a new generation of crazies.

I truly hate what these crazies do and say.

Ronia Nash said...

I know of these crazies from listening to Howard Stern. They protest fallen soldiers funerals. What were they protesting at your school CJ?

weese said...

wait a minute wait a minute.. they're not protesting gays?
they are protesting jews???
who the hell does that?
hey lets get this straight (pun) I am the hated minority dammit, not willing to share :)

Martini Cartwheels said...

They were protesting the Jewish groups on campus Rizzo. It was a small group of numb nuts. I'm wondering if this group actually came all the way from Kansas or it there were from the area.

I debated as to post the pictures or not and whether or not to Photoshop out the signs. I left the wording untouched as I thought it was important to show how crazy and disgusting this group is.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the title I knew who you were talking about. These "people" make me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

BTW, those two little dogs are so cute I'm crying. Thanks.