It is 10:39 pm. I've been trying to think of a post for the last hour.

And since I have to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow morning, I don't think anything funny is going to happen in the next five minutes which will inspire me to write something other than this gibberish.

Random thoughts:
I ran a mile on the treadmill tonight, came upstairs, and ate the top of a black bottom cupcake with a handful of chips. Yum.

I've only bought three Christmas presents so far.

I really need to go to bed.


small town dyke said…
You have one more present bought than I do!
LilliGirl said…
You? You ran a mile? Really? How did that happen?
Taradharma said…
you can have a 'redo'

"I ran 2 mi on the treadmill, came upstairs and ate celery sticks.

My christmas shopping is finished."

We'd never know.
KMae said…
You can run?
Damn you're young.
Anonymous said…
it's a good thing you only ran one mile
Shrinky said…
Shit, the only exercise I get from my treadmill is from dusting it - cudos girl!

And shut up bragging on the Chirstmas gift front, I ordered everything on-line, and the forecast tells me we'll be snowed in until next year. What really pisses me off is I would have waited til the January sales, had I realised..
I want shopping again today Small Town - I don't think I'm any further ahead.

Lol Lilli. Yes, a whole mile. I'm ready for the Senior Olympics.

Love it Tara. Yes, that is more like it.

Umm I try KMae. I'm lucky I don't going flying off the thing.

I was just saving my energy Jude so I could go a full 1.1 miles on the weekend.

Too funny Shrinky. The only thing that gets me to run on it is the reward - cookies! I'm back to shopping on line as the mall was like crazy town. Hope that two day shipping doesn't cost too much! I'm screwed.
Anonymous said…
My friend's mother once made potato chip cookies... they were awesome.

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