I Need Twitter Friends

Who has a Twitter account? I just signed up yesterday, probably more out of curiosity more than anything else. I've found two friends and requested to follow them. So far no one is following me (big surprise). I did get a one of those @messages that said the following:

@mcartwheels Ahh... Which gyal nw!.. dnt bring up anoda fight oh. Lol RT Gidi_Girl: Omg! See Styace '§ comment.

I assumed this was just some sort of spam message or maybe Dutch until I checked out a few other profiles and saw they also had weird symbols and abbreviations other than the standard LOL, BFF, WTF, and SNAFU.

I don't have time to try to interpret that shit. If someone is going to send me a tweet, I prefer they not be a twat and spell out the message with actual words. I'm sure one can get the point across in the allotted 140 characters.

No one is really interested in when I am going to bed, what time I got up, and when I'm cleaning poop off the dog's bum, but this may prove to have some interesting moments.

Can't wait to hear what Ashton and Demi are up to!*

*That is actually a lie. But apparently they must be on Twitter quite a bit since every Hollywood gossip show seems to mention their tweets.


Ronia Nash said…
I don't Tweet but I bookmarked you so I can follow what you say .....
KMae said…
I am on twitter BUT hardly ever go there...
I MUCH prefer fb & am on there everyday.
You can friend me on facebook if you want. I do follow people, other star folks, ET, cause being an old FA I follow hollywood gossip. (yeah I know.) I had a lot of em on the plane. I am Kaamae I think. or maybe its Kmaaee on twitter. Sorta like my blog, someone already haf that name. The nerve!
oh on fb I am Kathy Brodrick.s
KMae said…
there is no .s after my fb name - dont know how that happened...
Taradharma said…
Twitter scares the crap out of me. You have ventured into a scary scary world.....
Shrinky said…
Gawd, I can even get my head around Facebook - I joined up there for all of a week before caving and taking my profile back down! I mean, who wants to be stalked by their hairdresser, kid's teachers, and all the nutty neighbours you ordinarily try hardest to dodge passing on the street? (Shudder)

Good luck, oh brave one, the coward in me salutes you!
Babs said…
I followed you, I privated my tweets, so if you want to follow me, it will send the request to me & I'll let you in! I'm pretty boring most of the time. I don't fb or blog anymore.
And I can never remember my google stuff.
floorgal aka Barb
Babs said…
Oh hey! look at that! I got the password right on the 4th try! LOL
Thanks Rizzo. Let me know if you ever sign up and I will follow you. Not sure how much tweeting I will do - so far it hasn't been as fun as FB or blogging!

Hi KMae - I dropped you a line on your FB page today. I'll see if I can find you on Twitter.

It does seem like a bit of a universe unto itself Tara. Not sure how long I will stick with it.

LOL Shrinky. That nutty neighbor wouldn't happen to be the one with the no parking sign would it? I would NOT want her stalking me either.

Very cool Babs! Thank you. I sent a request to follow you today. Only 4 tries for the password - bravo! I've forgotten mine on more than one occasion.
Anonymous said…
HEY! I know I left a comment here yesterday (or the day before).

I'm no Twit Nit.

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