T&A Scanner

Oh look, she's got guns. I mean a gun.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about full body scanners yet. I'm not thrilled with the idea of some stranger looking at my McGriddles and I'm a little leery of the radiation exposure. But the alternative may be worse. Have you witnessed an enhanced pat down? I think I would rather drop my pants right there in line than have a TSA agent grope my lady parts to see if I've got a bomb in my vajayjay. No, that string is not a detonation device.

Your thoughts on scanners and pat downs?


McMeaty said…
If I had to choose between having a pat down or burning to death as I'm plummeting to earth in a fireball, I'll choose the pat down all day long.
Jules said…
At my age, if I flew, I'd love the thought of someone groping my junk. :)

Seriously, I use to work in a prison, it was part of my job. The patter likes it no more than we do. I think what people forget is they know more about "WHY" they feel it necessary than we do.

Have a great holiday.
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
SquirtyB said…
I prefer the scanner over the pat down. It's a really low dose of radiation. If I flew frequently, I might feel differently.

Would still choose the pat down over plummeting to earth in a fireball also.
LilliGirl said…
eh - I liked Trooper Thorn's (I think) idea to simply embrace some profiling. other than than I'm cool with the scanner
Taradharma said…
from what I've seen of the scanners, the image is pretty generic and blurry white. I wear an insulin pump and have a couple of pieces of medical junk lodged in my body, so those would always show up and, I suppose, mean I'd have to have a pat-down.

I think that two dumb terrorist jerks (Thanks shoe-bomber and underwear bomber asshole) have caused the TSA to go way beyond what is needed. I think train travel will experience an up-tic in response to new rules.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
I've only flown twice in my life. Long before pat downs and scans.

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