A Message From Mary Palmer

Don't shoot the messenger. I didn't think of it - I just took the picture. And yes, I laughed when I read it. But so did my friends H and B (H is the hand model here). The other person we were with didn't think it was so funny. Wonder why?


Anonymous said…
what a relief! i'm still waiting to go blind.
Sorry Jude. I'm having a hard time reading your comment. Must be my eyesight.
Anonymous said…
(scratching head) WTF? Who thinks of this shit? and Why get it printed up... to sell? hahahahaha
McMeaty said…
Wow...if that's true, there's a lot of dead kittens with my name on them.
Another fun day of shopping in Noho Chewy! Who does think of these things? And I thought I was irreverent.

LMAO Al. Your comment gave me a good chuckle.

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