Say What?

I have an app for my phone called Words With Friends. It's basically the same as Scrabble and you can play friends who have the app on their phone or iPad. I was getting tired of having my friends kick my butt every time I played them. So I decided to let the app find an opponent for me, hoping it would select someone more on my level - like a 9 or 10 year old.

The last word my mystery opponent played was 'gay'. Hmmmm. I then looked around the board to see what other words he/she had played as I honestly have not been paying too much attention.

Rims, Goos, Jerk, Blue, Glide, Deep, Gay

Is it me or could there be a reoccurring theme here? For my last word, I played 'toy' because 'y' is worth something like 4 points and because I'm trying to be a good sport here. I'm not sure if I am reading too much into this or he is trying to shock me. Whatever it is, I am up for the challenge. Because even though this person may be playing with suggestive words, they are short suggestive words. And I may have finally found an opponent who is beating himself at his own game.

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Anonymous said…
beating off (chuckle)
Good eye Chewy :)

It's probably some little kid and I'm taking this all out of context.

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