One Of The Reasons I Love Massachusetts

Maybe instead of being called The Bay State, we should call ourselves The Gay State!

Judge declares US gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional - Local News Updates - MetroDesk - The Boston Globe


Anonymous said…
Yes for the state of MASS! No more trips to Hawaii, we'll be heading to the gay friendly east coast for our vacations.
Anonymous said…
Yeah Jude! When you do, you better call me so I can meet you and the Mrs in person!

Me too Chewy!
that's great! i live in a beautiful state that's WAYYYYYYY too conservative!

p.s. i'm getting the nerve up to go to the east coast next summer on my own, i'd love to meet you, your belle and chewy, too! is massachusetts big enough for me? lol
Ms. Creek - that would be awesome! I would love to be able to get to meet you in person! Keeping my fingers crossed that this trip materializes! i can add Mass. to my list of places to visit!

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