Nursing Home

I honestly don't think Irene would be thrilled knowing I posted these. But I wanted to convey a sense of what it is like at the nursing home when I go to visit.


Jules said…
To me it is heart breaking. Your photos are great though, considering the subject.
precious and few are the memories we can share. i feel ya, cj. it's sooo hard but so important to keep going back. her sense of humor is the best!

(hugs to you and blonde)
Anonymous said…
A nice photo essay, it made me feel quiet and a little lonely. I like the progression of photos, the detail shots of everyday objects... and how the last photo brightens and lifts the mood a bit by being in color.
Anonymous said…
The black and white shot of her up close is amazing. You should frame that one.

Shrinky said…
I imagine your visits are priceless.

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