Irene Quote Of The Day Friday July 16th, 2010

Some of you know that for the last few months, my mother Irene has been living in a nursing home. She's doing well and should be headed back to my sister's house soon.

One of her new friends at the nursing home is a very sweet Japanese woman, who for the purposes of this post, shall be called Rosie. Rosie is petite, has red hair, and zips around the halls in her electric wheelchair.

Last Saturday while we were visiting, Irene, totally serious, told Rosie that she looked about the same age as her daughter (me). Turns out, Rosie is 70. Thanks Mom.

When I mentioned something about Rosie being Asian, my mother looked puzzled. Later that evening, when my sister was visiting, the following conversation occurred:

Irene: "Did you know Rosie was Asian?"
Sister: "Yes."
Irene: "How did you know that?"
Sister: "I looked at her."
Irene: "Oh, I thought she was Irish."

No, that would be me. The Irish 46 year old that looks 70.


Jules said…
So glad to see you post again. I'll bet we could swap some stories between your Mother and my Grandmother. Don't ya just love the fact we slip back to innocence?

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