Yes, A Yorkie Can Have Her Own Pool

Cierra Belle has been in the pool more times this year than we have. After all, it is her pool (at least that is what she thinks). I'm hoping to get my lily white body in there this weekend without blinding the neighbors. Put on your sunglasses everyone one, here I come!

Now please excuse me, I have to go outside and vacuum Cierra's pool.


Shrinky said…
Awww, of COURSE she deserves her own pool, I'll bet she even lets you use it now and then! I love her name (smile). I actually used to live in a village in Yorkshire, and a neighbour shared her house with a cousin of Cierra Bell's, one that always had a little red bow tied on her head. However, I am sure Ciera has far better manners than her cousin ever did, the little toe-rag once chased me almost a mile, biting my ankles all the way (I was only 9)!!

Oh, a little birdie told me it was your birthday the other day - many happy, belated returns. Hope it was a good one.
Anonymous said…
aw...she's so cute! i want a little fluffball puppy one of these days!
Solo said…
Aw gee...I thought that was the Northern was only your white legs.
Taradharma said…
sooooooo cuuuuuuuuutttteeeee
Jules said…
Okay now my girls are jealous! They saw your pool and are now questioning their cheap blue plastic one.
Anonymous said…
CJ, can you swim or do you do the dog paddle?

I brushed and cleaned the stairs and sides of our pool today. I didn't mind the work one bit!
LilliGirl said…
mine have their own wader but wouldn't dream of mine...better get on out there before summer passes you by!
Land of shimp said…
Well she's a terrier, are you going to tell her the pool isn't hers? Neither am I. You can't tell a terrier something like that. Also, you can't inform them that they are small because they will have you know that is not the case. You are just inordinately sized :-)

Had Scotties for ages, now I have a mutt who alleges to have Scottie somewhere in her makeup. Terriers of all description have nothing but my respect.

Here via Shrinky's, by the way. The photo caught my eye :-)
Thank you for the b-day wishes Shrinky! Sorry to hear about your ankle biting experience. Rest assured, Cierra Belle only likes to lick ankles, not bite them!

Thank you Midlife! She is a real joy.

LOL Solo. Too funny - that's because it's true!

Thank you Miss Tara!

Oh sorry about the Jules. Tell your little ones this size pool has a lot of disadvantages, including doggie swim toys floating out into the middle.

I do the dog paddle and Cierra does the backstroke Chewy :)

Hi Lilli! I know - summer flies by. I went for an evening dip tonight. It was really nice!

Hello Land of Shrimp! Thank you for stopping by. I love your perfect terrier description. It's right on!

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