Old Fart

Things today that made me feel old:
  1. I received a text at 6:30pm for an invite over to some friend's house for martinis and a bonfire. I said no - I still had to take a shower and by then it would be too late.
  2. When I attempted to shave my armpits, I couldn't see them. They live too close to my face and can't be moved forward and backward like a menu.
  3. I worked in the yard all afternoon. And now I need a case of IcyHot.
  4. I opened a bottle of red wine instead of a beer.
  5. I'm really looking forward to going to bed.


Windy Days said…
I hear ya! It's never worse than when our still single friends come to town and are like, "Come on! It's only 9! Let's get something to eat and grab some drinks!" And I'm thinking, like some cookies and a big glass of water with which to wash down my Women's One-a-Day and a 800mg Ibuprofen? Yeah, Party People!
Solo said…
Welcome to MY world, Sweetie!
LilliGirl said…
lol, it happens to us all and so what, it still sounds like you had a great day! :)
lesbo said…
Your day sounds fabulous, anyway!
Yardwork + wine + shaved armpits = not do bad.
Anonymous said…
I hear you! We originally made plans to go to drive-in movies with friends last night, for a double feature that started at 8:30. This was going to be after sitting in our church booth at Pride all day. By the time we finished with dinner (out b/c we were too tired to think about cooking) all we could think about was putting on pajamas and watching TV. We called to cancel, and found out that our friends were already napping and also too tired to go! We were in bed by 8:30!
Anonymous said…
Friday night I did the same as you and declined a late invite to go out. I would need to shower and iron clothes. - Saturday night, at a friend's house, I had 3 cocktails and decided it was too dark and I was a teeny bit too tipsy to drive home, so I just stayed over. - This would never have been the case when I was younger.
Hey Windy! Lol at the one-a-day comment. I'm hoping for a little more energy this weekend.

Hey Solo - What? I've seen your vlogs and you look like you are raring to go lady.

Thank you Amy! I'd look better if I wasn't getting up at 4:30 for work.

Hello Lilli - It was a good day. And a better night since I got to fall asleep on the couch.

Hey Lesbo - Yes, I cleaned up the yard and my pits, lol.

Hi Pixie! You and your friends sound like my kind of friends! Don't you love hanging in your jammies watching TV? I know I do.

Hi Chewy - Good move staying over. Better to be safe. You will have to come over to the Wet Spot this summer for cocktails -we can start early so you won't have to worry about driving in the dark :)

I like how you think Ms. Creek!
Blondie said…
Chewy, how dark WAS it?!? Like really dark? Like dark like 8:00 dark? Or like 10:00 dark?


word verification: barair

that's right bar air

Anonymous said…
I love that picture! I do a lot of painting and that totally gave me an idea for a new piece.

btw-red wine is classy, no matter what your age hehe. Drink up!
Hello Maisie! Thank you for stopping by and for the nice comment about the picture. That's so cool that it gave you an idea for a new piece!
Anonymous said…
Hey Blondie,

It was one hour before turning into a pumpkin in Wilbraham dark.
Anonymous said…
Hanging at the Wet Spot... do you skinny dip during the day or under the cover of darkness? (wink)
I usually skinny dip in the evening Chewy, since I don't want to scare the neighbors. But if you feed me enough martinis, I would certainly consider a daytime dipping.

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