Day Trip To Boston

I started working flex hours, a temporary schedule for a few weeks during the summer which allows me to work longer days Monday through Thursday and take Fridays off. Prior to starting this schedule, I had made a doctor's appointment in Boston (my 6th month dermatologist appointment - thank you Bain de Soleil lady for encouraging me to damage my skin, you bitch). So I got up at 4:15 AM and drove the 70 miles to Boston to my appointment and to visit my friends at my old job at City Hall.

The highlight of the day was lunch at Regina Pizzeria in the North End of Boston, which has been around since 1926. We order 4 pizzas and I almost cried when I bit into the ricotta and spinach pie. So, so good.

I spent several hours with my old co-workers. I really miss working with these folks. They are such great people. And if it wasn't for the residency rule regarding employment with the City of Boston, I would happily do the commute. Western Mass is my home, but Boston will always hold a special place in my heart. I lived there 19 years before moving back to the part of the state in which I grew up. And although I don't think I would want to move back there anytime soon, it is a really fun place to visit.

Tables in front of the Hard Rock Cafe

Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Government Center

HayMarket open-air fruit and vegetable produce market

The Custom House Tower

Pizzeria Regina in North End


Allison said…
Sigh. Regina. Feeling homesick.

There are a few places around me offering "Boston style pizza" which is just a cruel joke.
Solo said…
Tis unfair that I'll be flying into Boston and yet be unable to do any siteseeing. But, it's on my "list of things..."

Beautiful photos. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Boston pizza is the best.

Is the residency rule only for city government employees?
lynt said…
i heart boston. especially the north end.
Anonymous said…
We've yet to explore the North End. Need to do that one of these days.
Hey Allison - I wish I could send you one. That was probably the best pizza I ever had.

Anytime Amy! You have to let me know if you ever make it out this far east! And thank you for the nice comment.

Thank you Solo! Well that means of course that you will have to come back a second time to see the sites of Boston.

Hey Chewy. I heard there is a really good pizza place in East Longmeadow. Yes, you have to live in the city to work for the city, for a certain number of years anyway, depending on your union.

Love the North End Lyn. Every restaurant there is just wonderful.

I think you would really like it Pixie. Lots of great eating and historic places to visit. Parking is tough though.

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