Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mobile blogging from CT, where I am casino hopping. Came out ahead yesterday at Mohegan Sun, although it took me till 1:30am to do so. Off to Foxwoods!


Solo said...

Damn, Ceege. I was beginning to think you fell off the Earth!
Win the big One, GF!!

Propane Amy said...

Damnnnnn, I wish i was with you!! So, do you need a girlfriend?? LMAO

Mon said...

Does this mean our CJ the "Gambler" is back?

Anonymous said...

You went to both casinos?????
Are you a high roller?????
(giggle) I hope the luck o' the Irish was with you!


Martini Cartwheels said...

Hey Ms. Solo! Starting to feel a bit of anxiety here for not being able to get to all my favorite blogs this week. Hoping to get caught up this weekend.

Hello Amy! If you ever get up to New England, we are going to have to make a casino run. What a fun time I had!

Hey OC - I think I am going to quit my job and become a professional slot machine player. Let's see, I average winning about $300 a year --- nope, that may not work.

I did Chewy. I had to check out the new MGM Grand at Foxwoods. Have you been? Time for a blogger road trip!

Martini Cartwheels said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes Chewy!