Beaver Fever

This article was on today. I took the liberty of summarizing it here and adding my comments, which are shown in red:

Call it the Medford Muncher. Or the Furry Phantom [or Nay Nay]. For nearly two years, a beaver has caused problems for Medford residents [I know how troublesome those beavers can be - I had one give me problems for nearly 10 years]. “The first time I saw that thing, I thought it was a bear,’’ [that's one scary beaver]. Despite an appreciation for the creature’s wild presence, a handful of neighborhood residents have tried repeatedly to solve the beaver problem, twice installing “beaver deceiver’’ piping [you shouldn't deceive the beav]. And yesterday, an effort to get trapping licenses to capture the animal stalled, with the beaver nowhere to be found [they just don't know how to find it]. An environmental group felt it had to protect the beaver [can you imagine a world without beavers?]. Beavers aren’t as active at this time of year as they are in the fall [that answers a lot of questions].


Allison said…
I saw this, too! (article, not beaver). That's one big, big beaver. Did you see the quote about pets getting sick after drinking beaver water?
LilliGirl said…
too funny - they did a re-location plan for the ones in our area causing trouble
Anonymous said…
Different activity levels based on the time of year? I never knew that! ;)
Anonymous said…
LOL! I'm painting my beaver. Wanna see it? (blush)

Seriously, last weekend I drew a beaver critter for my next painting.
Windy Days said…
Laughing Laughing Laughing.

They should post a sign for a new doctor in town that does a free gyno check with the purchase of a Margarita. It'll come right out.
Hey Amy - Thank you very much! I think that would be a lot of fun!

I first heard about this on the radio, but I don't recall the part about the pets. Who knew a beaver could cause so much trouble?

Hey Lili - The beavers are taking over!

I never knew that either Jude. I guess there is a season for everything, including beaver.

I am blushing Chewy! I can't wait to see you post the pic of your beaver (critter that is).

Hey Ms Creek - Beavers in Boston. That surprised me.

Hey Windy! I'll volunteer to go hunt it down if the town of Medford wishes. said…
Hysterical. Both your post and the good folks of Medford in their beaver-panic.

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