Hello Sucker!

When my friend Stiffy purchased her super-duper vacuum cleaner, she had no idea it doubled as a wet vac.  But thanks to her son using it to vacuum vomit off the carpet, Stiffy now has a whole new appreciation for her upright.

I envision a new marketing campaign. "If you chuck it, we can suck it" sounds like a clever catch phrase to me. How about "Don't use your scarf, hoover that barf".  Or maybe "Don't worry girl, we got that hurl". 

For those of you brave enough to look, the picture is below. However you look at it, it really sucks.


8thday said…
And you are not working for Madison Avenue, why?
Anonymous said…
just eeewwww... those "suckers" aren't cheap - lol...

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