When Large Is Small

On what planet do the makers of women's exercise shorts live? Whatever that planet is, the women who live there must all weigh 75 pounds. The shorts displayed in this picture are a size large. I was surprised to find they were not 50% off since half of the material required for a size large was missing from said article of clothing.

I would be lucky to fit this around my head, never mind my ass. Can you imagine? Tammy Tuck-Up Camel Toe would be my new nick name if ever presented myself in public wearing these beauties.

I'll stick to men's workout shorts. They may not be as sexy, but at least I won't have to dislocate my hips to get them on.


Taradharma said…
I would ask the same question about most women's clothing!

But, aren't exercise shorts supposed to fit like bicycle shorts? My daughter wears 'em and they are always like leotard tight. Not very flattering on most women. Even at my most fit and attractive, I would never wear something like this. Ugh.
Middle Girl said…
I don't even like my bicycle shorts. I always layer.
Solo said…
Geez, I hope you were in the children's section by mistake!
Just going through that earlier this week. I pretty much only wear men's workout clothing, hiking boots, winter clothes, etc, better quality, fit correctly, more expensive!
Anonymous said…

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