Introducing Pippa!

Pippa and Boo Boo taking a little rest

I would like to introduce you to Pippa, the newest member of our family. She is a two and a half year old Yorkshire Terrier. She is a real sweetie and is getting along with Boo Boo just fine.

If a year ago you told me our sweet Coco Chanel and precious Cierra Belle would both be gone, I'm not sure I would have believed it. We can never replace The Girlz and they will live forever in our hearts. We miss them every day.

Today we are fortunate to have Boo Boo and Pippa in our lives. And we will not take them for granted, not for a single second. They are wonderful girls. I think Coco and Cierra would approve.

Coco and Cierra in November 2010


Taradharma said…
I must catch up -- I didn't realize you had Boo Boo, much less Pippa! This is funny, because at the Farmer's Market today I saw two lil' yorkies and thought of your sweeties (RIP, girlz). And here, now, you have two darling new ones!

Very wonderful, CJ.
Ahh yes. I couldn't imagine losing 2 little 4-legged family members in one year. These new additions to your family are darling. They aren't replacing your lost ones- that's an impossible feat. Instead, these little girls are simply enjoying their new life with you and Belle, and you with them. (hugs)
LilliGirl said…
Congrats! You must be a proud Mommy!

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