Out With It

Because I love and admire my blog readers, all three of you, I feel as though I must be totally honest in order to continue our relationship. So today I am coming out as bi.

I had put this off for as long as I could. I tolerated the uncomfortableness of it all, just to keep my little secret safe. However, I am tired of not being able to experience both those things right under my nose and those that are coming down the road. Yes my friends, I am getting bifocals.

Being bifocaled is nothing of which to be ashamed. I will wear my new lineless bifocal glasses with pride. I will buy stylish readers at the local drugstore to counter the strength of my new contacts which will now prevent me from reading menus and magazines (no bifocal contacts - I do have my limits you know.)

At times there will be challenges. But with the support of you my blog friends I know I will stay strong. Bifocal pride - let's read something together. Peace.


Middle Girl said…
Love It!! Read On.
Anonymous said…
I'm going bi too when I see the eye dr. in Aug. He already warned me last time. I think I will enjoy being able to read something again without having to change to the cheaters. Although, truth be told, late at night, when I'm all alone, I wear both my regular specs & the cheaters. I call it my redneck bifocals.
But, the one caveat to them is to be careful going up and down steps and such. My ex fell off a loading ramp shortly after getting his because he misjudged where the end was.
I can't wait for that - not. I'm klutzy enough on my own!
weese said…
i could not do the progressive lens. made me nauseous.
i love my LINED bifocals.
i even have them with those transition tint now.
whoo hoo!
Solo said…
And the truth will set you free!!

Welcome to my world, Honey. Now you'll be able to clearly read the list of discounts you'll get with your new AARP membership!

Taradharma said…
some of my best friends are bi....

I have never been able to adjust, so I keep two around, one for close and one for distance. Eyeglasses I mean.
dykewife said…
i've been bi for a few years. i prefer single lens glasses for reading, the bifocals are best for driving and general seeing. i still reject them when i'm on the computer because they suck at it. my new glasses are taking some getting used to. i think the angle set of them is wrong in the frames.
KMae said…
Phew! I really thought you were saying you're effin' Bi. I was like fuck that shit...
Anyway, I have tri-focals ... which is really what progressives are. I would wear contacts, but I can't seem to get them out of my eyes, plus i now have big bags underneath so I try to hid them with frames.
Gorilla Bananas said…
Bifocals are for lazy people. I like to see humans use big magnifying glasses to inspect things, like Sherlock Holmes.
CJ said…
Oh, you make me laugh! As I was reading, I began to construct a supportive, "be who you are" post in my head.....bifocals. ha ha ha!

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