Colloquialisms That Annoy Me

I've decided I hate the term "bitter sweet". From now on, I am going to substitute the term "sweet and sour". It is somewhat comforting for me to infuse the thought of Chinese food into a situation that is only half good.

I also am not fond of "back in the day". I am changing that to "back before I was gay", which would cover the time period prior to my conception in the fall of 1963. To refer to things that happened prior to my 16th birthday, I will say "back when I had no pay". For my college years, "back when I was to drunk to say". And for the time period covering my twenties and thirties, I like "back before I wasn't afraid to tell you what I weigh".


Random thought - I discovered that I am addicted to pre-sliced cheddar. I have my neighbor McCheesy to thank for this as she dropped off the aforementioned dairy item at our house last week. I've been throwing those tasty little squares down my gullet all week. Even last night, after coming home from a nice dinner, I had to have several slices (with a glass of milk mind you) prior to retiring to the bedroom. Cheese fries, cheese thighs, I've got hankering for the pre-sliced cheddar 'cause there is nothing better.


Taradharma said…
okay, woman, what have you been drinking?

is that sliced cheese real cheese or those Kraft American Pseudo Psycho fake cheese? And, btw, have you tried that cheese in a can? Delish.

send me over whatever you are drinking...I need to catch up!
Hey Tara! I'm not sure if I should admit to the fact that this post not processed while under the influence. I had been so blogged blocked (maybe it was all the cheese) that I just felt the need to write whatever craziness was in my head yesterday!

But I will admit to having one cocktail by the pool - Dragon Berry Rum and Lemonade. A nice summer drink!

That sliced cheese is real. I think it is Trader Joe's brand. The can cheese would be even easier. Cheese shots!
Hey! You have me laughing, here, so I posted a link to my FB, hope you don't mind! And I'm really glad to see you are still blogging - what I must continue to do!

(I concur about the cheese issue!)
Hey Ms. Creek! I don't mind at all! I'm glad this gave you a chuckle. I've been good - no sliced cheese yesterday or today. I'm saving it up for the weekend :)

Hope you get the blog bug back soon!
I did have some blue cheese on my grilled steak last night - num num!

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