Happy Friday

My work husband* got let go yesterday. He was the project manger for the upgrade I posted about yesterday. A really great guy and a great PM. He was a contractor who came on board last June. And he was vital to the success of this project.

He talked me off the ledge more than once. When I thought we would never make the go live date, he reassured me we would. He told me we things would go fine. And he was right.

I have a hard time understanding how humans relate to each other at work. It's a job people. In the relative scheme of things, work is nothing. You don't have to go home with each other. Work to live - not the opposite. (Oh sure - good advice from someone who worked until midnight last Friday).

I'll miss not having a work husband. The work boyfriend will have to suffice for now I guess.

My partner's boss is....ummm.. how do I say this.....a d#@khead. I see what she has to put up with every day and I feel her pain. People are funny creatures.

And work - well, it's a way to pay the bills and a place to spend some time so you don't have to be home cleaning the house all day.

Happy Friday to all you worker bees out there.

*Work husband - Not a husband in the literal sense of the word but a co-worker with whom you spend several hours a day working.


Taradharma said…
It's appalling how bad a bad boss can make your life. I see it more often than not. And these dickheads (yeah, I'll say it) have no people skills, no perspective, and no managerial skills. WTF? And our lives our subject to THAT?

Now I have a whole new kettle of fish: working for my parents doing their care-taking. There are many possibilities for clashes...but they can't fire me! Ha! Ha! For me, for now, this sure beats going to the office. My last office job almost made me go postal. ANd I really really tried to live the mantra "it's only a job."

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