Back To The Grind (And I Don't Mean Coffee)

I was on vacation last week. Ok, so I worked a little bit from home last Sunday and Monday but other than that, I was on total vacation mode. A Duck Boat tour in Boston, a day trip to Vermont, lots of eating - just an all around relaxing time.

That groove ended today when I took a peak at my work email and saw I had 700* + new emails. How can that be? Seriously, that is just crazy. I can't imagine how many emails the important people must get.

I'm working from home tomorrow. And I refuse to get stressed. Refuse, refuse, refuse. If it takes me until noon to get through them all, so be it.

Now if I can just relax enough to get a good night's sleep, I'll be all set. Night all.

View of downtown Boston from the Charles River

*Ok, it seems 700 emails is not a true fact. After logging in to work using remote desktop, I only had 435 new emails. It appears that the other 300 or so were already read. In my defense however, when I made the original statement about the 700+ emails I had been looking at the unread email count for my work account on my iPad. Whew - what a relief.


Solo said…
I work from home everyday and I refuse to get dressed!
CJ said…
700??? Wow, makes me glad to be a nanny! Good luck getting through them! And stress not! One at a time, one at a time!
Rita said…
So was this your first duck boat tour in Boston? Kinda curious what inspired you to take it. LOL I would think that this would have been a blog topic all to its own! :)
Nice Solo! Working remotely is such a great perk. Of course I wear a business suite when working from home. Not.

Hey CJ! Ok, so I had put out that addendum about the actually number ending up around 430. Honestly my iPad said over 700. Thankfully it was a few hundred less when I logged in. And I wasn't able to read them all today. Oh well, I'll spread out the fun that way.

Hi Rita! Yes - that was my first duck boat tour. Lots of quaking and a really good time! I lived in Boston 19 years and never once did the tour. But my partner's mother had been wanting to go so we took the plunge - literally - in the Charles River!
small town dyke said…
Welcome back to work. I was on vacation last week and attended 6 graduations in a week. I was ready to got back to work!

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