It's Live!

The project I have been working on for over a year as the technical lead finally went live this week.

And if I wasn't so tired from being on day 11 of a 12 day stretch, I might actually be able to post something intelligent, humorous, or interesting. But then again, why start now.

It's already May? How did that happen? And if April showers brought May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Why the answer is simple my friends. Pilgrims. That's what May flowers bring.

Oh CJ, you really have been coding way too much.


small town dyke said…
with all the rain we had in april the flowers better be amazing!!!
Solo said…
Sip the martini slowly and just close your eyes. It's okay. We love ya even when you're exhausted and tell lame jokes.
May flower. Srsly.
It's blooming like crazy here Small Town. We had a nasty winter here in Massachusetts. I love seeing the grass again!

Oh Ms. Solo - you've got my number. Got home from work, made a martini, and now my butt is on the couch. Oh happy day.

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